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Zain-ul-Abideen Exclusive Interview + Live Performance

Today We are publishing Exclusive interview with “Zain-ul-Abideen”, He has been involved in the Pakistani Music scene from Long time. His name is well-known in all the main production houses in Karachi. A Talented singer with an extensive experience in all kind of Vocal experiences, Zain is not only ambitious towards his musical career but honestly interested in making and doing good music to entertain people.

Pakiupdates: Tell us something about yourself?

Zain: I born in Karachi on 20-06-1986, My zodiac sign is Gemini, I have one younger sister & two little brothers, My hobbies are Musik musik and Musik my soul, my food, my life &  my favourite color is  “Blue” which reflect colors of my dreams.

Pakiupdates: Who has been your inspiration for good music?

Zain: From the start, I have been listening to some very good music. I can say that I’ve been a “loyal listener” for many years & my love for music will never end. I am a huge fan of the Famous Legends “Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali khan” and “Mohammed Rafi”. Equally I like western music as well that caters to Genres like Blues Soft Rock, Soft Romantic.

Pakiupdates: How do you define good music & does music have any particular language of its own?

Zain: In my view, music is the food for the soul. There is no good or bad music, it depends if the music suits the person’s taste. Music is a beat that doesn’t need any particular language to support it.

Pakiupdates: How do you categories your own Genre?

Zain: Well if you talk about my album, I have 6 to 7 Genres in that. There is no specific Genre for me; I can work on any genre.  Like Chue Chue was a Soft romantic ballad song.

Pakiupdates: What was the first instrument you learned to play?

Zain: Guitar…. Well, every day when I play the instrument I learn something new.

Pakiupdates: Did your parents support you in your music career?

Zain: As you are aware, many families don’t appreciate music as a career. Likewise my parents thought the same. But if you have the passion & the determination to do anything, then Even ALLAH will open the doors for you. There is a saying that ‘’If there is a will, there is a way” and the success I have today is not because of destiny or hard work. It’s just because of my parent’s prayers.

Pakiupdates: Why was Chue Chue your first video although Saiyaan Saiyaan was a big hit being your first audio track?

Zain: Personally, Chue chue has been my favourite track. Before releasing the music video, most of the people who heard the track told me that it’s a soft romantic & your first music video should have been a fast track, but I felt that Chue chue being a soft romantic genre should be released first as a music video because I personally like it so I did it.

Pakiupdates: So which will be your next video Sayyain Sayyain or Ayi Ayi?

Zain: I have considered Sayyian sayiian to go into video production in the coming years, but for now I think my second music video will be a fast track. Most probably Poch Mera kia Nam or Ayi Ayi will be one of my next music video.

Pakiupdates: You have been hosting a Show on the Radio for many years. Is this the reason for your popularity today?

Zain: No I have not been hosting a show for popularity but it has merely been a part of my career now as it has been 4 years working in this field.

Pakiupdates: What do you like and dislike about the Pakistani music industry?

Zain: Likes: Well Pakistan’s Music Industry is very rich and has produced legends in music like the great “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”, “Mehdi Hassan”, “Ghulam Ali”, “Madam Noor Jehan” and many other renown music legends in all fields of music, & also many other singers which are known all over the world because of their performances.

Dislikes: There are no Good reality shows for music. There is lot of piracy in music sector and there is no proper record label to protect its rights.

Pakiupdates: What do you think about coke studio?

Zain: I loved it!!!   Season 1 and season 2 were quite good,
but in season 3 I just liked “Dum Gutko”

Season 1 was tremendous, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan , Ali Azmat and Shaqat Amanat Ali’s Khamaj was the best..

Pakiupdates: What are your future plans?
Zain: I want to do some more good music and if I would get a chance to work with A.R Rehman, then I would love to play with him as well. !!!  Inshallah !!! Lets see

Pakiupdates: Which one is your favourite band in Pakistan or abroad?

Zain:Junoon” my all-time Favourite

Pakiupdates: Is there any message to your fans & to our readers?

Zain: It is best to keep our minds Positive and always think positively by setting your targets right or else after matric you will have no idea what field to choose… Would it be commerce?
Should I be a Dr ?? Or should I become an engineer… all I would like to say is set your targets right and don’t neglect talented people because you guys are the future of Pakistan..

Interview By: Azfar Shaikh & Shayan Jaffri
Photograph By: Haris Nawdhia (Herry)

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