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Veena Malik Drama Queen - Full Music Video & Audio Download
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Veena Malik Drama Queen – Full Music Video & Audio Download

Veena Malik Drama Queen

Finally Veena Malik Drama Queen music video has been launched watch the video below and download the mp3 of drama queen.

Download Audio: Drama Queen – Veena Malik

Watch Drama Queen Official Music Video (PG-13)

Lyrics of Drama Queen:
Excuse me,
Mein hun queen,
Thodi snobbish
Thodi mean.
Sab se hot sab se spicy,
Koi nahi mere jaisi.
Cute and naughty mein hun yaar.
Karti hun bas khud se pyaar!
Hun hun hun mein drama queen.
Drama mama.
Itne sare hand bags,
Itne sare shoes.
Itni stylish, itni sexy,
Always in the news.
3, 4 chor na yaar,
Party jaoon in mehengi cars,
Mera driver lage super star,
Pyas laggi karidun bar!
Yeh princess hai priceless,
Your boyfriend tujhe kare minus,
Na kar paoge digest,
My T+ A ‘s the nicest!

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