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Ismaeel Qasim – Duniya – [Official Music Video]

Ismaeel Qasim Duniya – Official Music Video

Ismaeel Qasim has officially realeased his 2nd Music Video of his song ‘DUNIYA’. The music video was exclusively launched on Spetember 8th at 12:00am. The music video has exclusively been shown all-over, Youtube and Facebook.‘Duniya’ is directed by Ardent Lone,who is another growing name in the industry. The audio was produced by Saad Sultan at the SideReal Studios. He is currently working on the rest of the album of Ismaeel Qasim aswell . Ismaeel Qasim himself composed the melody of the track and wrote the lyrics himself too .The video was shot-out at various locations in Lahore .“Yes, The hopes are high and i am expecting a great deal out of the video” Ismaeel Qasim stated.” The audio of the track ‘Duniya’ was already in the market even before the launch of the video and had been really aprreciated by the fans all over , That is the reason that this video is somehow special because people have been waiting a lot for it ”. he said enthusiastically.
Ismaeel Qasim with his fresh Sound and Soulful music, has rapidly made it up to the top of the music industry of pakistan. The reason for his rising success is the fact that the lyrics of the songs of Ismaeel Qasim are very touchy, and are very much close to reality. Ismaeel Qasim attracted attention from a lot of fans all over pakistan with his debut video ‘Na Jaa’. It was a major success and a very good start for Ismaeel Qasim’s career. Another Ground-breaking song by Ismaeel Qasim was ‘Dost’. The song is still been hummed by the fans all over pakistan, as this song takes the fans to another world of music. ‘Udasiyyan’ is another track that cannot be left out.The fans also follow Ismaeel Qasim on his fanpage on Facebook. So to get more information on Ismaeel Qasim, His songs, And his latest on Whats-Happening and What he is upto, Join his fanpage on Facebook.‘DUNIYA’ thus far has recieved great reviews and so Ismaeel qasim and Duniya are stepping ahead everyday, and with the help of his fans and his good graces he will rise higher.

For Concerts & Queries contact Ardent Lone i.e., Ismaeel Qasim’s Manager @ 0332-4612075
Ismaeel Qasim’s Facebook Fanpage :

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