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BonFire Dance Party First Time In Karachi - PakiUpdates.Com
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BonFire Dance Party First Time In Karachi

BonFire Dance Party First Time In Karachi


Extra 0rdinary Dj Perf0rmance by
“dj m k modi (U.A.E)
dj sand
dj maria (u.k)
Dj AHmer KHan”

(Trance, Hip-h0p & Progressive,h0use)• Buy your SHEESA !
• Ph0t0graphy by Pr0fessi0nal
• Food Available On Demand
• Secured L0cati0n
• Accomm0dation Up to 500 Guests
• Safe Parking Area
• C0mplete address discl0se 0nly f0r passes h0lders due t0 security reas0n

Web Partner:

Attractive Dresses

1000 For Single Entry_Female
3000 For Couple

- Gate will cl0sed 0n 9pm sharp. Be 0n time!
- Weap0ns, Guards & Pets are n0t all0wed
- No F00d, Drinks, all0wed fr0m outside
- Management Rights t0 refused entry

In An Association With:
First c0me and First Get!!

Media Celebrates Can Text Y0ur Name With Y0ur Detail F0r Guest-list At: 0312-2136380

F0r Further Detail:
Call N0w: 



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