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Download Atif Aslam - Doorie (2006)
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Atif Aslam – Doorie (2006)

Artist: Atif Aslam
Album: Doorie
Released: 22 December 2006
Recorded: 2005
Genre: Pop
Label: Tips

Download Atif Aslam – Doorie (2006) Pakistani Mp3 Songs

01 – Atif – Doorie – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

02 – Atif – Ehsaas – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

03 – Atif – Hum Kis Galli Ja Rahe Hain – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

04 – Atif – Kuch Is Tarah – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

05 – Atif – O Re Piya – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

06 – Atif – Mahi Ve – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

07 – Atif – Mahiya Ve Soniya – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

08 – Atif – Maula – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

09 – Atif – Yakeen – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

10 – Atif – Doorie (House Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

11 – Atif – Kuch Is Tara (Euro Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

12 – Atif – Mahiya Ve Soniya (Soul Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

13 – Atif – O Re Piya (Trance Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

14 – Atif – Yakeen (Club Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

15 – Atif – Doorie (Energy Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

16 – Atif – Mahi Ve (Eternal Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

17 – Atif – Hum Kis Gaali Ja Rahe Hain (Dance Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

18 – Atif – Ehsaas (Freaky Mix) – [Pakiupdates.Com].mp3

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