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Ali Gul Pir Taroo Maroo - (Download Mp3, Music Video) - PakiUpdates.Com
You Are Here: Home » Pakistani Music » Featured » Ali Gul Pir Taroo Maroo – (Download Mp3, Music Video)

Ali Gul Pir Taroo Maroo – (Download Mp3, Music Video)

Ali Gul Pir Taroo Maroo – (Download Mp3, Music Video)

Song: Taroo Maroo
Artist: Ali Gul Pir
Music: Vital Saieen
Vital Saieen:Jasir Abro, Hamad Khan, Abdul Aziz Kazi, Ali Haider Habib

Download Mp3: Taroo Maroo – Ali Gul Pir

 Watch Taroo Maroo Music Video


Ae Zamanay walon mein hun tarooo!
taar taar ke dekho mein hun woh maroo!

bhalay sath ho BF ya ho mamu
mein tujh per chalaon nazron ka jadu

lafzon ke nazar or karoon aakhon se karoon baat
iska matlab ooohhh… u r very hard

meray samnay tum hotay ho tum sab up
bhookay ke samnay qorma khatay hotum  sab

main nahi karnay dunga tujhe zahir pyar

ABAY KIA KAR RAHA HAI? … (meri bhen ae yaar)

(taroo maroo)
nahi karnay dun ga pyar
(taroo maroo)
sab ko karoon ga khuwar
(taroo maroo)
jab tak parti reh gee maar

Mein isko taroon, usko taroon, sab taroon, uskee taroon!


Baby tujhe taarnay ke hai ek waja
woh hai teray sheeshay jaisee komal tuacha

janu tere husn ka nasha hai sab pe
tujhko dekh ker larkiyan bhe bolein yeh sakht hai

meray flat ka style sab se ______
katrina kaif jaisay khaye sindhri maangoo,

mein hun adhoora jaisay bol bina balla
kab milay geee kashmalla

mujhay pata hai girls ko acha lagta hai yun
jab unko taar ker bolon…shhhshhs ummmm..mmm

(taroo maroo)
nahi karnay dun ga pyar
(taroo maroo)
sab ko karoon ga khuwar
(taroo maroo)
jab tak parti reh gee maar

Mein isko taroon, usko taroon, sab taroon! uske taroon!

Vital Saaien … Ali Gul Pir

Nahin Karne Dega usko us say pyar – 3x

Larki bhi taroo ga
aunty bhi taroo ga
uncle bhi taroo ga
baby bhi taroo ga
bachi bhi taroo ga
bakri bhi taroo ga
kutta bhi taroo ga
building bhi taroo ga
gari bhi taroo ga
family bhi taroo ga

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