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After The Success of “The Early Days” Suhrwardy Brothers Presents “Mangoes The Series”

The Creative and innovative observers and makers of “The Early days”  and “Kaanch ” Now Presents “Mangoes” The  Series.

About The Early Days


Synopsis: The Early Days is a story not too distant from our lives. It is a story about friendship, love, and most importantly ambition.It begins with a student arriving from a distant city to join a local university. The events that take place on the very first day set pace for the next four years of his university life. And as everything happens for a reason, it so happens.
About “Kaanch”

Synopsis: Kaanch is a story of a Pakistani who came to London for his studies. The fast paced life of UK engulfs Sami (Adeel Suhrwardy) and he becomes a distant memory for his family in Pakistan. Certain events take Sami back to his homeland, where he finds his brother, Rakay (Khurram Suhrwardy) in the midst of an assassination attempt.

The Upcoming Release “Mangoes” (The Series)

This summer, with all those tasty, juicy and refreshing mangoes, an extra dose of entertainment, knowledge and moral is coming up. Yes, the makers of the serial “the early days” now presents a comedy/drama based serial “Mangoes”,
Starring: Adeel Suhrwardy, Maha Warsi, Khurram Suhrwardy, Jessica Siegner, Anokhi Dalvi.
Directed by: Khurram Suhrwardy
Written By: Adeel & Khurram Suhrwardy
Mangoes – as the name depicts, a tale of common people. It is set in Toronto and the Series is about South Asian youth that epitomizes true potential of the young generation by depicting them as intrepid individuals who are eager and ready to take on the title of ‘a global citizen’. As it is very obvious that the thing which brings the people around the world together to inspire something unique is their commonality, be it an amalgam of ambitions or camaraderie within the defined boundaries of a peaceful coexistence.
Mangoes (TV Series) is a slice of life story of Indians and Pakistanis in a love hate relationship. Bring in a job seeker, a feminist, a burger boy, a hindu, a muslim and a jew and things can get really complicated. Can these complications be uncomplicated by ‘Mangoes’ the common people?
So, friends please wait for this new “Mangoes”this summer. Hope this new “Mangoes” will bright new light, lessons and knowledge for us to walk on right path and stop discrimination on racial and national bases.Still From the Series

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